Poker Nights

I play cards with a group of great friends about every 3 weeks (sometimes more and sometimes less.)  Most of them I have known for all my life.  We have been playing cards since 1988 at Michael Branham's restaurant until he sold it in November of 2000.  Now we will be playing at Ed Maldonado's Golf Center.  

I should have been getting picture once a year of our group.  I am going to start this now and it will be fun to see us age over the years.

Poker at my house on Aberdeen Street 2001
At Michael House 2001
Ed Maldonado's Golf Range and club house.  Charlie Powell in front 2001
Jan and brother Karl Ebert, Ed Maldonado and Pat Wark at Ed's Golf Getaway club house 2001
Dana Henderson, John Scardino, Pat Wark, Ed Maldonado, Charlie Powell, Keith Montz Mar 2002