Notes and Photos
of the Montz Family

The Montz Family of Louisiana 1721 - Present
by M.M. Montz - used by permission
(This a very long research work done by the author.  I am only going to scan the first 49 pages.  There are several typographical errors made by the Printer Co., which I will try to correct during and after the scanning is completed.)

Introduction of the Montz Family.  Landing in New World
by Dwayne A Montz - used by permission
(A very nice synopsis)

Origins of the Montz family name synopsis

Dalferes Family of the 1800s    (Part of the family tree of the Montzes)

Family Tree

Photo link Date Description
Marriage Certificate   (click here for notes) (click here for certificate translation.) 1774 Antoine Mans to Sivile Bishof
Plantation Settlements in Lousianna
1. Mississippi River - From Natchez to New Orleans - Header

2. Mississippi River - Whole photo but cropped
3. Mississippi River - Location pointed on map
4. Mississippi River - Close up of the area
5. Mississippi River - Original Photo of Chart ~ higher resolution
1858 Graphical chart owned by Drew Montz.  This shows the settlements of the original German and French settlers. The area that A. Montz owned was reclaimed by the Mississippi River.
Captain Joseph Dalferes family 1870s Captain Joseph Dalferes Family
Capt. Joe's River Boat License 3-Jul-1886 Captain Joe's river boat license
Obituary flyer notice 1887 Captain Joseph Dalferes
Obituary Notice  1887 From New Orleans Newspapers
James Dalferes Montz, 10 Months old 1927 Father of James Keith Montz
James G. Dalferes & Montz Family  1928 Family photo of Dalferses and Montzes
Adolph Montz, Railroad engineer
left in photo
(see Montz history p38) 
(see Montz history p40)
1938 Father of Elmo M. Montz, Sr.
Grandfather of James D. Montz
Great Grandfather of J. Keith Montz
       and David C. Montz
Adoph Montz 193x Same as above
Elmo Montz, Sr 1940 3rd from left
Ann Gaushell, Age 8 1940 Future wife of James D. Montz
Elmo Montz, Sr, Extreme right, second row wearing a sweater 1945 Shell Oil refinery at Deer Park, TX
Executives and Department Heads
Elmo Morris Montz, Sr, Age 46 1945 Father of James D. Montz & 
Grandparent of J Keith Montz
Josephine Dalferes Montz, Age 48 1945 Mother of James Dalferes Montz
Josephine Dalferes Montz and
Elmo Montz, Sr
1946 Grandparents of J Keith Montz
Elmo Montz, Sr Family 23-Aug-1948 Top Row - Left to Right: Jim, Elmo, Josephine (mom), Ted
Bottom Row - Left to Right: Rodney, Mary Lee and Chell Ann
Brothers: Rodney, Ted and Jim Montz 1952  
James Dalferes Montz, Age 25 1952  
James D. Montz & Ann W. Montz wedding newspaper clippings 1957 October 27, 1957
Ann Gaushell, Age 28 1952 Future wife of James D. Montz
Ann Gaushell, Age 35 1959 In Hawaii
Ann Montz with sons: Keith & David
1965? walking at their home: 11709 Wink, Houston, Tx
Keith riding tricycle with brother David on back   Movie 1965? at their home: 11709 Wink, Houston
Brothers: David and Keith Montz 1971 After church at Corpus Christi, Houston.
Camille Coulter (now Bigham) with Ted Montz 1971 Photo from Houston Chronicle Coverage of one of Ted's art shows.
James D. Montz with sons: Keith and David Montz 1985 At Jim and Ann Montz's house in Jacksonville, Florida.
James D. Montz with sons: Keith and David Montz Jan '86 In front of Jim and Ann Montz's house
James D. Montz with sons: Keith and David Montz Jan '86 Inside house of Jim and Ann Montz.  (Keith shaves off his mustache, Dave shaves off beard.)
James D. Montz, Josephine Montz,
J. Keith Montz
and J. Derek Montz being held by James D. Montz
1989 Four generations
James D. Montz, Josephine Montz,
J. Keith Montz
and J. Derek Montz being held by James D. Montz
1989 Four generations close up shot 2
Ann Gaushell (with dog: Patches) 1990 At her home in Baskingridge, New Jersey, with mother: Ruth Black; Nephew: Tom Michael
David Christopher Montz brother of Keith Montz 1993 At Jim and Ann Montz house
Ann Waguespack Montz   Wife of James D. Montz and mother of Keith and David Montz
Theodore "Ted" Joseph Montz Uncle and god father of James Keith Montz
Keith & Johnna Family 1994 March 5, 1994 outside of Aunt Betty Waguespack's house in Sugarland TX
Jim and Ann Montz 1996 Enjoying the Blue Bonnets
Jim and Ann Montz on Alaskan Cruise 1998 On Alaskan Cruise.
James D. Montz 1998 Another shot from Alaskan Cruise
Roomer and Montz Dinner 6-Jun-2006 Three generations of Roomers: Louise Roomer with her daughter, Wishie Thompson and her daughter, Lilzie.   Three generations of Montzes.